Specialty Compounding is the highly specialized practice of making prescription drugs right in the pharmacy. The medicines are customized to the needs of the patient and tailored exactly to the guidelines of the prescribing physician.

Let’s say your child needs a reduced dosage of a medicine only manufactured for adults. Our pharmacists will recombine the medicine to meet your child’s specific dosing needs. Here are some other uses of custom compounding:

  • FLAVOR COMPOUNDING: If you have trouble swallowing a pill your medicine could potentially be made into a lollipop!

  • ANTI-AGING/COSMECEUTICAL COMPOUNDING: You don't have to show your age. With specialty compounding, we can customize a therapy of cosmeceutical creams especially for your needs, helping your skin look younger and healthier.

  • HORMONE THERAPY REPLACEMENT: Hormones out of Whack? We can provide a hormone evaluation for you and with the results, we can compound the exact amount of hormones your body needs.

  • MEN'S HEALTH COMPOUNDING: Stay healthy and vital! Suffering from low libido, no excitement for life, erectile dysfunction, prostate and bladder health and a wide variety of other symptoms, we can create customized treatment options for you.

  • PAIN MANAGEMENT COMPOUNDING: Don't let chronic pain get you down! It is the MOST COMMON reason why we, as individuals, seek medical attention. We can create compounded solutions that are personalized for your pain relief. 

  • DENTAL COMPOUNDING: Hate going to the dentist? One of the best tools to fight these feelings of anxiety and fear is specialty compounding. With the right ingredients, compounded medicine can ease physical and mental discomforts involved in a trip to the dentist.

  • HOSPICE COMPOUNDING: Go gently! We all know that these end of life experiences are different for each of us. However, many common symptoms are the same including pain, nausea and vomiting, bedsores, anxiety, constipation or diarrhea. Personalized, compounded medications could be a great solution. By working closely with a compounding pharmacist, a healthcare provider can prescribe a regimen of care which is tailored to the hospice patient’s individual needs.

  • PEDIATRIC COMPOUNDING: What if giving your child medicine was as easy as giving them candy? With specialized compounding for kids, we make this possible.
  • SPORTS MEDICINE COMPOUNDING: Stay active and healthy in your lifestyles. We know every athlete is different and with compounding, we can individualize your medications. 
  • VETERINARY COMPOUNDING: We all love our fur babies! But giving them medication can be a very stressful job. With compounding for animals, it's like giving them their favorite treat.

Many of our local doctors have specialized our proprietary medicines, creams, and other treatments. We work with all the local practices to maintain a ready supply of their specialized blends. Countless other examples of needs exist, so call or drop by to talk to us if you have questions